Assessment of Student Achievement (9th Edition) by Norman E. Gronlund

Assessment of Student Achievement (9th Edition)

Book Title: Assessment of Student Achievement (9th Edition)

Publisher: Pearson

ISBN: 0205597289

Author: Norman E. Gronlund

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Norman E. Gronlund with Assessment of Student Achievement (9th Edition)

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Norman Gronlund gives teachers the tools they need to support the development of high-quality assessments in the classroom. He presents a balanced, concise, and practical guide for testing and performance assessment that is rooted in effective classroom instruction and learning. Emphasizing that assessment is a broad term that includes testing and performance assessment, each used where it is most appropriate, Norman declares that valid assessment is necessary for effective instruction in order to improve student  learning. He devotes a portion of the book to preparing and using classroom tests and performance assessments, assigning grades, and interpreting standardized test scores to students and parents.


Improve student learning with strategies that work!

  • Spotlights expanded discussion of the role assessment plays during the planning of instruction.
  • Discusses validity and simple item analysis procedures in greater detail.
  • Features more examples to help teachers understand the application of assessment principles.
  • Includes references for “Additional Reading” lists.
  • An Instructor's Manual with sample test items and activities is available to adopters online by contacting your local representative.