CliffsNotes Algebra I Practice Pack (CliffsNotes (Paperback)) by Mary Jane Sterling

CliffsNotes Algebra I Practice Pack (CliffsNotes (Paperback))

Book Title: CliffsNotes Algebra I Practice Pack (CliffsNotes (Paperback))

Publisher: Cliffs Notes

ISBN: 0470495960

Author: Mary Jane Sterling

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Mary Jane Sterling with CliffsNotes Algebra I Practice Pack (CliffsNotes (Paperback))

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About the Contents:


Helps you pinpoint where you need the most help and directs you to the corresponding sections of the book

Topic Area Reviews

  • Math Basics

  • Numbers (Signed Numbers and Fractions)

  • Linear Equations and Algebraic Fractions

  • Polynomials and Factoring

  • Inequalities, Absolute Value Inequalities, and Radicals

  • Introducing Quadratic Equations—Testing Solutions

  • Graphing and Systems of Equations

  • Functions

  • Story Problems

Customized Full-Length Exam

Covers all subject areas

  • Pretest that pinpoints what you need to study most

  • Clear, concise reviews of every topic

  • Targeted example problems in every chapter with solutions and explanations

  • Customized full-length exam that adapts to your skill level